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Cosmetic bottle packaging to have sales should achieve these three points!
- Jun 12, 2018 -

No one can stop a girl from loving beauty. Just look at the rapidly developing beauty and cosmetic industry. Therefore, as an essential cosmetic bottle packaging, in order to get everyone's love and keep pace with the development of the pace, we should do some improvement in the following three aspects.

First, cosmetics tend to last longer. It is one of the important standards to measure the quality of cosmetic bottle packaging. Now there are more and more pressure pump vacuum cosmetic bottles on the market. Compared with ordinary cosmetic bottles with spiral cover open, they are more ideal for sealing and sanitary performance.

Secondly, the small mouth hose kind of cosmetic bottle packaging, this kind of cosmetics bottle is easier to control in dosage use. On the contrary, some cosmetics bottles with wide mouth are not ideal in this respect.

Finally, should draw lessons from medicinal capsule packaging of cosmetics bottles, in large cosmetics bottles of internal use independent small package, so that each individual independence, on the one hand makes dose to obtain the very good control, on the other hand is health maintaining independence in packing.

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