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Diameter 40mm Cosmetic Tubes
- Sep 10, 2018 -

For diameter 40mm cosmetic tubes, the volume or capacity is about 70ml to 160ml. But the most common capacity the customers use is 100ml to 120ml, about 3oz to 4oz for diameter 40mm cosmetic tubes. 

The tube's body can be colorful with matte and glossy varnish, matching flip cap, screw cap, acrylic cap and so on. The tubes can be printed with offset printing, silkscreen printing, hot stamping and labeling. 

Today we have shipped a 40'HQ of 40mm diameter cosmetic tubes to New York, over 500 cartons, which was decorated with offset printing and matte varnish, with white matte flip cap, that will be use for pharmaceutical products. 

Diameter 40mm Cosmetic Tubes.JPG40mm Cosmetic Tubes.JPG

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