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How to Put the Label on Tubes
- Dec 12, 2018 -

Do you want to know how to put the label on tubes. Application of labels on the tube packaging must meet many conditions, or the sticker will be easy tear up. Here's some for your reference: 

First, the tube body must be high intensity extrusion, that requires the label material must has an excellent extrusion resistance. 

Second, the sticker material needs constant pursuit of uniqueness and a good touch feeling. It's also required to have more excellent softness and a more powerful adhesives to ensure remaining smooth and an attractive appearance while using the tube even after the label material deformation caused by the filling and sealing. 

The last, the extensive tube applications causes the attention to label weather resistance and content resistance. 

In general, the most important things of labeling are the powerful adhesive and goods labeling material, that will make the labels be stronger. 

How to Put the Label on Tubes

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