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PE Cosmetic Packaging tube with Metallic Cap
- Aug 16, 2018 -

If the cosmetic tubes screw on metallic UV cap, that will make the tubes more shiny and impressed the customers mostly. Both the screw cap and flip cap can be coated with UV colors. The most common metallic colors that we produced are gold and silver. Any more colors that you want to use are also welcome and we accept other colors to do metallic UV coating on the caps. 

The UV cap also can be matte varnish and shiny varnish, that will depend on your demands. No matter what kind of caps, screw cap or flip cap, oval cap or nozzle, we can do metallic UV coating as requested. 

If you need other shape of caps, new products, new coming tubes, please feel free to email us @: info@valconpack.com. 

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