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Plastic bottle component analysis reuse value
- Jun 12, 2018 -

In daily life, plastic bottles are everywhere, drinks, mineral water, liquid food and cosmetics all have plastic bottles as carriers for people to use. After we use these products, the plastics are often discarded directly.

According to statistics, China produces more than 30 million tons of plastic each year, of which more than 20 million tons are recycled. Therefore, after analyzing the composition of plastic products, it is found that whether it is economic value or environmental value, there is much room for improvement in the recycling of plastic bottles

The biggest difficulty of plastic recycling is the process flow. Because it is a plastic product that has been used once, there are always various problems in processing. It is now common practice to first crush and separate materials. And then we do density separation. Turn it into a machinable form and then roll it into shape. It's usually a maternal trait.

Plastic reprocessing technology has been developed in foreign countries for a long time, but China wants to make full use of plastic resources for reproduction, it still needs some research. After years of analysis on the composition of plastics by Shanghai ingle testing and certification group, it is found that some plastics have obvious changes in color, texture and melting and boiling point after second or third molding.

Although recycled plastics can be used for environmental and economic purposes. But its own quality has yet to be improved. In this case, the existing plastics are analyzed in terms of composition, and the properties are improved so that the recycled plastics can have more space to play. Not only plastic bottles, but also other plastic waste such as plastic bags and plastic products can be developed for secondary use. Analysis of plastic composition can expand its use range and protect the environment from white pollution.

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