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Plastic Round Twist-off Tube
- Aug 22, 2018 -

Are you looking for a disposable plastic tubes? 

The twist off tube would be helpful if you need a one time used tube. We have diameter 16mm and 19mm for the twist off tubes. 

For this tube, you need to full fill your products from the tube end, and after that, seal the end. When you want to open the tubes, just screw the cap or torn off the cap, then you can squeeze the tube. But if you want to use the tubes again, or the products inside the tube couldn't be used up at a time, then you can convert the cap and insert the cap to the small hold. Then it can be used again. 

If you want samples for reference or do some test, we'd love to provide you samples for free.  

Cosmetic twist off tube.JPGtwist off tube.JPG

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