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Production Process for Oriented Cosmetic Tube
- Oct 11, 2018 -

We have a brief introduction of common cosmetic tubes before. Today we'd like to give you a brief introduction of production process for oriented cosmetic tubes. If you want to know more about the details, please feel free to tell us. 

The first step is ingredients and tubing, that's how the tube body formed. The next step is head injection, then we make the print on the tube body with offset, silkscreen or hot stamping as the customer's needs. 

After finishing the printing, we will move the key process for oriented cosmetic tubes. We will cut the tube head and then remake the head and shoulder, or re-head injection. This also used for oval tube, the colorful tube that you don't want the 3mm blank area, we will cut it and remake the tube head and shoulder. 

After that, coming the punching at the tube head, foil seal and capping. 

The final step, is inspection and packaging them into the carton. 

That's how the finished tubes formed. They are ready for the delivery. 

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