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Sampling Time for Cosmetic Tubes
- Sep 15, 2018 -

Recently, most of our clients are curious why making samples of cosmetic tubes need a long time, always about 7-10days. So we want to give you a brief introduction or explanation of this. 

Firstly, when the customers send us the artwork, we will need some time to make the artwork approval and send to clients for their confirmation. So if this project is top urgent, please kindly send us the artwork ASAP. 

After that, we will make the printing filming that will be used to print on the tubes. 

Then we start to make samples beginning from the tube body, that we will make thousands of tubes body. The tubes will be used not only for finished products, also will be used to adjust the machine of tube heading, printing(including offset, silkscreen and hot stamping), foil seal and capping. It will take several hours to adjust the machine. 

When we process the sampling, sometimes the machines are printing other tubes, thus we have to wait until which machine is free. 

But we are trying our best to reduce the sampling time and will offer you the best samples and finished products. 

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