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The Characteristic of Squeezing Tube Packaging
- Oct 22, 2018 -

With the fastest expansion of cosmetics industry, most of the tubes are in a round shape, but sometimes, the customers prefer oval/flat tubes (Especially for BB Cream, CC Cream / liquid base) with the end opening when delivery. The customer will seal the end day themselves after filling the inner products.

The tube is soft and easy to squeeze the products out, if with a flip cap, that would be easier for the clients to open the cap. The squeezing tube packaging is common widely used to hold various liquids, cream, oil and so on. 

The tube is light to carry with a small size, especially when you go out for a short trip. That's why more and more customers choose such packaging. 

What's more, the squeezing tubes packaging are at lower cost than other cosmetics packaging. The tubes can be widely used in personal care, the home, the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, the lubricant industry and so on. 

The Characteristic of Squeezing Tube PackagingThe Characteristic of Squeezing Tube

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