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The clever design of spray plastic bottles
- Jun 12, 2018 -

Plastic bottles are a life indispensable container now, all aspects of life will have the form of plastic bottles, plastic bottles are ubiquitous, design also is varied, but there is one kind of the invention of the plastic bottle is dramatic, that is the spray bottles. Some things stored in the bottle are volatile. When used, the bottle cap and cap are often opened. Cheng fang cheng fang and some solution in the container, when use in not too much at a time, or use it every time you need to use large area, then spray bottles can solve these problems.

The design of spray plastic bottle is very simple, the basic principle is the principle of pipeline pumping. The main design is in the bottle mouth, that is to install a bottle head in the bottle mouth. Bottle head mainly by a pull handle, pull handle can trigger a small water pump, water pump is connected with a plastic tube, then this straw could bottle items up from the bottom of the receiver to suck, of course, this only for sticky lotion or liquid. The pump then pumps the liquid into a narrow chamber and squirts it out through the holes in the spray nozzle. The viscosity of the liquid determines the size of the nozzle and the thickness of the plastic pipe.

This small design is the principle of an industrial pumping pipe, so don't look down upon the spray bottle, it is the crystallization of wisdom, this design can solve many problems in our lives.

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