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The foil seal of cosmetic tubes
- Sep 11, 2018 -

For cosmetic tubes, they need a foil seal to protect the inner ingredient from being leaking from the little mouth when it will be launched to the market. So it's very important. 

So before the launching of a new products, the customers will choose some samples to do the leaking test of both the foil seal the end sealing. That's one point. Another one, that will test the smoothness of the product whether it can flow smoothly or not. 

The tube opening we can do from 2mm to 10mm. For small tube size, the most commonly orifice is about 2mm-5mm, and for larger tube szie, the orifice can be 5mm-8mm. After digging the orifice, that the customer requests, we will make foil seal. 

If you need the samples to do test or for reference, we can provide for free. Just tell us, and we'll arrange ASAP.  

The foil seal of cosmetic tubes.JPG

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