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The Inspection
- Oct 17, 2018 -

Most of the clients are worried about the production process, no matter during the production of after the production. 

Don't worry, we, Valcon Tube have professional inspection personnel and strict management. 

During the production, from raw material to final packaging and inspection, firstly, the workers will check the production process every minutes. If there's something wrong, they can correct it immediately. The worker's leader will also check the goods and machine frequently. We call it the self-inspection, and they recorded. 

Apart from that, the professional inspection personnel will inspect the tubes every hour. They will check carefully the tubes' quality, printing quality, color, layout, printing words and every details. 

After all the finished tubes are packed, the leader of the inspection personnel, will check the packed tubes one carton by one carton to pick up if there's still some wasted tubes in the carton. All of them finished, the goods will be stored in our warehouse and wait for delivery. 

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