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The Process of Extrusion Tubes
- Oct 15, 2018 -

At the beginning of making a tubes, our workers will start to mixture the raw material ingredients with the color according to a certain ratio. The color will form the tubes' color, can be white, black, red, green or other colors as the customers' demands. You can tell us the Pantone number, or send us the color samples. 

After mixture the ingredients, then coming the origin round and long tubes. The machine will cut it automatically the length we have set it up, as the clients' request. The rough tube length can be 50mm to 200mm, and the tube diameter is Dia16mm to Dia50mm. 

That's the first step how a blank tube formed. You may wonder it's just a round pipe from the first step. 

Then comes the next step, the injection of head and shoulder. Then blank tube with open end has been finished.  

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