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The Process of Printing
- Oct 16, 2018 -

After the extrusion tubes, head and shoulder injection, that's how the blank tube is forming. 

We move on to the next step, make decoration on the tubes, that means printing, including offset, silkscreen and hot stamping. 

Offset printing is the first step no matter you will have offset printing or not. During this step, the tube will be decorated with glossy varnish or matte finish. The workers need several hours to wash and adjust the machine when finished a printing line. And then start to offset another products. We can make maximum 6colors for offset printing and 5colors for silkscreen. 

After the offset printing, or surface decoration, the blank tube will directly move to punching and capping. 

Those tubes need silkscreen printing or hot stamping will wait for the next, silkscreen or hot stamping, as the clients' requested. 

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