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The structural principle of eye ball rolling bottle
- Jun 12, 2018 -

Eye ball bottle, as the name implies, is mainly used for rolling massage around the eyes and daub the role of makeup. The application process is to use the rolling steel ball to evenly bring out the makeup material body, and use the rolling steel ball to press the material body on the skin. Due to the average than a man's body temperature of steel ball at the bottom, and there are a lot of acupuncture points around the eye, when the ball in contact with the skin rolling, cold tactility and with steel ball rolling pressure points, in addition to the feeling of cool and refreshing shu shuang can also play a massage dredge the blood vessels under the skin, remove black rim of the eye, alleviate eye fatigue, and so on. The material can also be absorbed by the skin more quickly after the ball pressing. When using, first turn the cover upside down or gently shake (depending on the viscosity of the material body or how much), the steel ball will leave the inside discharge port to block the outside discharge port, and the material body will enter the storage bin through the inside discharge port. When pressing and applying, the steel ball opens the outside material mouth to block the inside material outlet and rolls out the material body in the storage bin to smear on the skin. At this time, only the material body in the storage bin is brought out each time. Due to the material body is through the steel ball rolling daub on the skin directly, so you don't have to like a normal container to use hands to dig up and apply the material body, also reduced the pollution of the link, so as to win the hearts of consumers, too!

As more and more manufacturers choose, an inherent problem in ball slowly found, for example, products in improper storage or transportation after filling leakage appeared in the process of imagination, except the lid is not tight or sealing parts damaged with filling bead resulted from surge bin product.

So please each production manufacturer is in manufacturing process is important to note that after the bottle filling material body to the outside of the pressure on the ball suite to twist on cover, can't put the bottles of body flat or inverted, when there is no pressure on the ball suite on the screw cover, inside the bead seat discharging mouth is in open state, as if the flat or inverted, the material body is after the discharging mouth into the storage bin, cover to cover, material body into the storage bin has been able to pass out mouth out.

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