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Cosmetic Packaging, Is To Need A Complete Set Of Combinations
- Jun 12, 2018 -

Unlike other packaging, cosmetic bottle packaging is often purchased and sold in sets. Because cosmetics are often a series of products designed and sold in a series. A complete set of cosmetic bottle packaging, which requires an overall concept in the design.

It's not just the overall look. It is also necessary to match each other in the combination of the size of the cosmetic bottle. For example, how to match the volume of lotion with water and facial cleanser. How to match the size of each type of cosmetic bottle so that users can use it together in about the same time. This is clearly a good experience for users. In addition, although it is a combination, each kind of cosmetics will have different requirements on the packaging of cosmetics bottles, which should be considered in the packaging design of cosmetics bottles of combination series.

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