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Cosmetics Are Overpackaged
- Jun 12, 2018 -

With the increase of brand products on the market, a lot of negative news and cana t - this kind of news that consumers for the safety of cosmetics increasingly, so many customers are buying now will check to see if the cosmetics formula of table to contain harmful substances.

However, harmful substances do not only come from the formula composition of cosmetics. An unqualified packaging material will also cause inevitable harm to the safety of cosmetics.

Why does the safety of cosmetic packaging materials have such a significant impact on the safety of cosmetics? Because once the packaging material itself contains excessive amounts of toxic and harmful substances, can be slowly released into direct contact with it in cosmetics, make the quality of the cosmetics to bad direction produces change, which produced great harm to human body. The damage is similar to the effects of food on the human body -- it can be absorbed by the human body, with serious consequences. So aiming at the development of the harmful material detection in cosmetics packaging material will be shall not be avoided, and the migration perspective on the study of the material in the packaging, food packaging materials related standards of the state is a very good reference.

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