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Cosmetics Are Packaged In New Material
- Jun 12, 2018 -

The development of new materials and new processing technology and the pursuit of new modeling have always been the focus in the field of cosmetics packaging containers. A long engaged in packaging materials research engineer said, "now, the material is not only limited to use in glass bottles, plastic bottles, the application of new materials has also become the cosmetics industry to launch new products, improve existing products a way." He said, with known as P&G (procter & gamble) as an example, the last year's "shock" brand of bath bottles material will change the traditional hard plastic, and chose a more human soft hardness of plastic packaging, "so, in virtually, you increase the affinity of a product."

By implication, the successful launch of "exciting" has something to do with the selection of packaging materials. Also, p&g's another brand - "pan", on the basis of the existing strong brand, and the packaging design and material improvement and a lot of kung fu, striving to "old" brand inject fresh vitality. And this also means, fashionable, striking, lively, interesting exterior packaging design and the adoption of new bottle type, will become one of the means of the cosmetics manufacturers to win the terminal in the future. In the field of skin care products, durable and exquisite packaging is emerging in endlessly.

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