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Cosmetics Bottles Also Need A Brand Concept
- Jun 12, 2018 -

For the packaging industry, the first thing to do is to accept customers' criticism. For cosmetic bottles, this is more critical. The majority of cosmetics are aimed at women, and the majority of them are young women. Nitpicking is the nature of every woman. To stand out from a critical customer base, you need to be eye-catching.

Personally, I think cosmetics bottles need to be branded and high-end. High-end two meanings: one, not on behalf of the cosmetics bottle material need more expensive, but on the design of the cosmetic bottle has the brand concept, not blindly choose a casually, but should be combined with their own brand culture.

Second, high-end design is more modern, high-tech design. The traditional cosmetics bottle has no longer attracted people's attention, only high technology can bring the brand back to the market. No matter from the cosmetic bottle material, color, open way are all can be a transition point.

Only cosmetic bottles can stand criticism, and cosmetics will sell well.

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