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Cosmetics Bottles Still Go Upscale
- Jun 12, 2018 -

As for the luxury style of cosmetic packaging, the relevant departments of the state have repeatedly issued regulations to restrict it. Even the number of layers of cosmetic packaging has been strictly regulated. Recently, we can see from the overwhelming news that high-end cosmetics have started to increase in price, which is basically over 30%. As for the price of cosmetics, a large amount of power has been controlled by these famous cosmetics companies. Although the authorities are monitoring the uncontrollable price of cosmetics, it is clear that the luxury of cosmetic bottles will be hard to stop in the short term.

For high-end cosmetics, the price is well above cost. In order to make the products more reflect the high quality, the manufacturer, under various restrictions such as the number of cosmetic packaging layers, has promoted the appearance design of cosmetic bottle material as the most direct means. Now the price of a cosmetic bottle has generally ranged from several yuan to dozens yuan. These cosmetic bottles are beautifully made. Of course, the responsibility is not entirely corporate. The consumption habit makes people think that the packaging with beautiful appearance, its product quality will also be better. Coupled with the sensitivity of female consumers to beauty, delicate cosmetic bottles are bound to attract them more easily.

For cosmetics bottle enterprises, in the current market environment, high-end cosmetics bottle is still the mainstream, and it is worth developing.

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