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Getting More And More Professional - Valcon Tube
- Oct 15, 2018 -

Valcon Tube is a ISO9001 certified manufacturer of customized PE tubes, bottles and jars, such cosmetics packaging since 2003. The factory is located in Suzhou, near Shanghai. 

At first, there only a small factory with limited workshops. It name FUKANG before, and last year, we changed our name from FUKANG to Valcon. 

After 15years' development, we have expanded our factory scale time after time to meet the customers' need. At the end of this year, we will move to a new building with larger scale, that's our new factory located. 

One the way to be a better company, Valcon follow the standard strictly no matter from raw material to finished goods, until delivery, or from workers to the management. We have great confidence in our quality and we use the high-quality accessories to match our tubes. 

We will give you a warm welcome to visit our factory. 

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