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Offset Printing
- Oct 29, 2018 -

We can do offset, silkscreen and hot stamping. This week let us give you a brief introduction of them. 

First, we want to talk about offset. Offset can print up to 6colors including half-tone and gradation. It's a basic printing when we print on the tubes. You may wonder how we process the offset. 

Firstly, we will confirm with the clients the artwork, then we will make the printing filming, printing plates to transfer ink onto the tubes with clients' artworks. It will take 2-3days to make it. Once we get the filming, our worker will check carefully again and again.  

When the plates are ready, the workers on the offset printing workshop will start to open a new line. They will take 3-4hours to wash and clean the machine, and then adjust the printing color according to Pantone number. When the colors are ok, they will move to sampling or mass production. 

At the same time, apart from offset printing, we will put the matte varnish or glossy on the tubes, that will depend on clients' needs. If the tubes don't need offset, we will still go through this step to varnish the tubes. 

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