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The Era Of Custom Plastic Bottle Packaging Has Begun
- Jun 12, 2018 -

Because plastic packaging can meet the requirements of diversified commodity protection, the shelf life of food has been significantly increased. And simple packaging technology, easy to operate and use; Packaging with affinity; Save packaging cost and transportation cost; Low energy consumption, environmental protection and other advantages. Therefore, plastic flexible packaging plays an increasingly important role in many fields.

It is understood that with the improving of the plastic packaging industry in China to supply capacity, will provide more opportunities for products export growth, in addition, as the domestic consumption market matures shift makes the export market become more and more enterprises to seek the sustainable development important way. In a word, China's plastic packaging industry export market prospects will be very broad.

Although the green packaging is not yet a complete unified definition, but generally speaking, to circulation and reuse, recycling, or degradation of corrupt and in the life of the product do not cause pollution to the human body and the environment moderate packaging, known as green packaging.

The most important meaning of green packaging is to protect the environment, but it also has the significance of resource regeneration. Green packaging throughout its life cycle in the process, follow the "reduction, reuse, recycling" circular economy behavior principle of economic activity, make the environmental impact of packaging to a minimum.

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