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The Forecast Of Cosmoprof Asia
- Oct 10, 2018 -

Next month, on 14th - 17th, November, the Cosmoprof Asia will be held in Hong Kong. It's a very good show for all the Cosmetics Industry, including two parts: Cosmopack Asia $ Cosmoprof Asia. They will be held in two different places. 

The Cosmopack Asia will be held in Asia World-Expo, AWE(Airport) from 13th to 15th. And the Cosmoprof Asia will be held in Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, HKCEC(Wanchai) from 14th to 16th. 

We will attend the Cosmopack Asia in AWE(Airport). This is the 6th year that we attend the show. At first, the show only held in AWE(Airport). 

But because of the great location, and the development of Cosmetics markets, it attracts more and more countries and companies come to Hong Kong to attend the Cosmoprof. Thus the Cosmoprof held in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. More and more companies come here looking for business opportunities and suppliers. 

If you would come to this show, please don't forget to stop at our booth. The booth number is 9-B09, AWE(Airport) - Suzhou Valcon Tube Co., Ltd. 

We would be appreciate it if you would come to visit us on Cosmopack Asia. 

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